Canntinas Cannabis Company (Canntinas) prides itself in providing the best customer service and high-quality products with an unmatched experience via responsible cannabis use education!

Thanks to our leadership’s efforts, Canntinas is now a premier dispensary in the City of Sacramento. Our Cannabis Consultants are experienced and knowledgeable about popular brands for recreational and therapeutic purposes to ensure our customers have a pleasant experience with cannabis products via micro-dosing techniques.

Our customer service program is focused on a safe and rewarding experience for the cannabis connoisseurs as well as the newbies who are exploring various products to identify the perfect mix that is effective and affordable.

When it comes to our customers, satisfaction is our top priority!

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Nasser Azimi Serves as the President and General Manager of Canntinas with over 25 years of successful experience overseeing cannabis retail, technology, finance, and production management operations. Mr. Azimi also served under two California Governors responsible for a $10 Billion annual budget. He also developed several high-tech companies generating over $50 Million of annual sales and is currently overseeing the development of drone solutions for traffic management, passenger transport, and medical products delivery.

Mariam Monroe Serves on the Canntinas Board of Directors and oversees the Therapeutic Operations for Ohana Cannabis Company on a statewide scale. Ms. Monroe brings over 10 years of holistic health and therapeutic cannabis experience to transform pain and anxiety conditions with the perfect mix of nutrition and cannabis under the Ohana Cannabis brand.

Lanette & Bryan Davies Jointly serve on the Canntinas Board of Directors and provide strategic and tactical advice to the Canntinas management. Mr. and Mrs. Davies bring extensive experience with cannabis retail under the Canna Care brand powered by their deep knowledge and experience with cannabis as a holistic health remedy.

Rob Fong Serves on the Canntinas Board of Directors providing community development guidance and advise. Mr. Fong is also serving as the Canntinas Corporate Secretary and legal advisor with over 20 years of experience in politics as an elected official, lobbyist, and an accomplished trial attorney with 100% rate of success!