For Scheduled Delivery to the Bay Area and Sacramento

Powered by Ohana & Paloma Pay!

Welcome to our Crypto Payment System!

We are excited to invite you to be a part of our exclusive crypto launch. This is a soft launch with a unique opportunity to pay with our contactless crypto payment system rather than dig through your couch cushions this weekend looking for spare change!

We thank you for helping make this launch a success and offer you 25% OFF on your 1st crypto order!

Here’s how it works:

Browse the menu below to select the products and then call us at (916) 333-3011 to place and confirm your order. Your order confirmation will result in a text message with a link to complete your crypto payment with ETH, USDC or USDT.

Very Important:
You’ll need your own crypto wallet set up and funded before using this system. We’re currently accepting ETH, USDC, and USDT. To learn about setting your wallet and fund it, click here.

For any specific questions or comments about our crypto payment system email: